Gwangju City, 2025 World Archery Championships slogan contest

Gwangju City announced on the 18th that it will contest a slogan for the 2025 World Archery Championships.Anyone can apply as it contains the symbolism of Gwangju, the archery mecca, and its will to successfully host the competition.

Download the application form from the Gwangju City website notice and notice and apply by email or use QR code or visit the internet site You can submit a slogan of around 15 characters by the 31st.Gwangju City plans to select one best and two excellent projects by evaluating completeness, symbolism, originality, and promotional usability. The World Archery Championships will be held at the Gwangju International Archery Range from September 5 to 12, 2025.This is the third time it has been held in Korea, following Seoul in 1985 and 무료슬롯게임 Ulsan in 2009

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