DraftKings Launches P2P Fantasy Sports Variant

DraftKings Inc. today announced DraftKings Pick6 as the company’s new peer-to-peer fantasy sports variant, based on a simple “somewhat” mechanical for individual player statistics. The latest fantasy variant debuts in six states for the first time in Maryland, Minnesota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Wisconsin starting Dec. 6, and further releases are expected. The Pick6 will feature player picks for NFL and NBA games upon release.

“For the past decade, DraftKings has defined innovation in fantasy sports,” said Corey Gottlieb, the chief product officer of DraftKings. “Pick6 is the next great example of that innovation. This is a homegrown peer-to-peer product that meets customers’ desire for a fun, easy-to-play experience connected to their favorite athletes. We are excited to provide our customers with another way to experience live sports by competing against each other.” 온라인카지노

As with all DraftKings fantasy variants, Pick6’s customers will compete for guaranteed individual-to-person merchandise. The product is simple: Customers can build a lineup of two to six players in two or more teams, and have some choice of statistics for all of the players in their teams.

Add-ons within Pick6 come with streamlined core gameplay, including a dynamic “My Picks” feature that allows customers to monitor their submitted picks, live picks, and final picks. Lineup editing, additional funds available, and real-time performance tracking are also all part of the product interface.

While the Pick 6 is DraftKings’ latest fantasy sports variant, the company recently announced “Progressive Parray” as a new, more comprehensive feature coming within its top-rated sports betting products. Progressive Parray is a regulated sports bet against your home with a Parray bet on a player prop, with a chance to win even if you lose at least one Parray’s leg.

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