Director Park Dong-hyuk puts down the baton of Asan, South Chungcheong Province, after completing his 7 years of companionship

Coach Park Dong-hyuk (44) puts down the baton in Asan, South Chungcheong Province.

An official familiar with the K-League situation told Sports Chosun on the 21st, “Coach Park has decided to step down as a coach under an agreement with the club. Both sides agreed with the change, he said. Coach Park, who had been associated with Asan since 2017 with Asan Mugunghwa, completed his seven-year companionship. 온라인카지노

Park is a living witness of Asan, South Chungcheong Province. Coach Park, who took over as the head coach of Asan Mugunghwa in 2017, took the helm to replace Song Sun-ho, who resigned voluntarily in 2018. He was the youngest coach in the K-League at the age of 39. Coach Park showed his leadership from the first year of his debut and led his team to the championship. Despite the crisis of the National Police Agency stopping the supply and demand of players, proposals were made not only in the K League but also in the Chinese Super League, but he defended the team with loyalty. Although Asan Mugunghwa won the championship, he failed to promote it.

Asan Mugunghwa changed into a citizen + military and police team the following year. Despite the weakening of his power, with former K3 league players playing, coach Park has created a seventh-place performance in the league with outstanding leadership. Asan Mugunghwa changed into a new civic team called Chungnam Asan in 2020, and of course, coach Park was named the first coach.

The first year’s performance was not good. It remained at the bottom of the table, with injured players continuing to the extent that they could not operate the best 11. Coach Park, who was desperate in 2021, was enthusiastic about the supply and demand of players, and changed the team by completing a counterattack strategy. He tried for his first playoff since the foundation, but unfortunately finished the season in eighth place due to a lack of hindsight at the last minute. Coach Park was unusually recognized for his ability to be nominated for the K League 2 Coach Award despite his performance in eighth place.

Coach Park, whose contract expired at the end of 2021, succeeded in renewing his contract with a new start in mind. At the request of Asan City, a public recruitment announcement for the coach came out, and Park received the highest score in competition with veteran coaches. Coach Park successfully led Asan in the absence of foreign players. At one point, it competed in the playoffs until the last minute in a remarkable run to the third place, but unfortunately remained in sixth place. Park failed to advance to the playoffs to the fifth place, but he produced the best performance in Asan’s club history. Coach Park, who renewed his contract with the club’s highest treatment in 2022, remained in the final 10th place without filling the gap between Yoo Kang-hyun and others in 2023.

Although Park failed to advance to the playoffs he targeted during his tenure, he performed better than expected every season with the smallest budget in the league. In particular, it has shown outstanding results in discovering and nurturing players. Resurrected the forgotten veterans and found pearls in the soil. He made Kim In-gyun the Young Player Award in 2021 and Yoo Kang-hyun the top scorer in 2022. It also produced players representing different ages. Coach Park was recognized for his ability and was on the list of Olympic team coaches and received direct and indirect love calls from K League 1 and 2 teams every year.

He is still the youngest coach in the league, but he is already in his fifth year as a coach. Coach Park concluded after much consideration that a change was needed. Even though the contract period was left, I decided to boldly put down the baton. Asan, Chungcheongnam-do, tried to catch him, but Park’s will was stubborn. Coach Park decided to recharge and seek new challenges. Director Park’s first act as a director has been completed.

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