The Gimhae Sports Complex in Gyeongnam, which is under construction ahead of next year’s national championships, is creaking as construction is suspended due to unpaid wages .According to Gimhae City on the 8th, reinforced concrete construction was suddenly stopped recently, leaving residual work such as stairs and parking buildings outside the main stadium .The city confirmed that it was due to non-payment of construction costs by the subcontractor in charge of the construction .The subcontractor demanded additional construction costs from the main contractor, Namyang E&C, in addition to the original subcontract payment. The subcontractor is demanding an additional 2 billion won in construction costs, including equipment, materials, and labor. Workers who have not received their back wages have stopped construction and are planning a rally on the 9th.Namyang E&C’s position is that the process was disrupted because the subcontractor did not pay for some equipment, materials, and labor costs that it hired and used.

Namyang E&C was selected as the prime contractor for the Gimhae Sports Complex construction project through the design-build batch bidding method, and the construction, mechanical, electrical, and firefighting subcontractors were selected by themselves. In February 2022, Namyang E&C signed a subcontract with a company (Gwangju) to carry out reinforced concrete construction, but when the company was unable to continue the construction due to business difficulties, it signed a follow-up contract with another company (Busan) in July with a subcontract amount of 4.05 billion won .Gimhae City, the ordering agency, said, “We have been guiding, supervising, and consulting with each process of the original contractor to advance the construction, and we have paid the advance payment every month according to the progress of the construction.” “We will actively consult, guide, and supervise the original contractor so that the construction can be completed safely and without disruption while resolving various economic and labor problems that occurred at the construction site, and normalize the construction as soon as possible .”Meanwhile, the Gimhae Sports Complex construction project, which will be the main stage of the 105th National Sports Games and the 44th National Sports Games for the Disabled next year, is a project to build a main stadium with a land area of 107,852㎡ and a gross floor area of 68,370㎡ in 1049-2 Samgyet-dong, Samgyet-gu, Seoul, and a parking building with a basement and two floors. Construction began in 온라인카지노 June 2020 and is scheduled for completion in April next year, with a current completion rate of 61.3%.

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