Bentancur only mentions Son Heung-min, who apologized again after controversy over racism

Rodrigo Bentancur (27, Tottenham Hotspur) once again left an apology. This time, he left a post, not a story that disappears 24 hours later.

Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Rodrigo Bentancrew wrote on his personal social media on the 22nd (Korea Standard Time), “I want to say something to the fans and everyone who supports us.” It was an apology for the racism he recently committed toward Son Heung-min.

Tottenham midfielder Bentancur was asked by the host who appeared on Uruguayan TV show “For La Camisetta” on Saturday. He meant that he wanted Tottenham’s captain Son Heung-min’s uniform. Bentancur also asked, “Do you shoot?” (Son Heung-min’s nickname).

a blatant racist remark that all Asians look alike

Bentancur laughed, saying, “It could be Son’s cousin’s uniform. They all look alike.” The host laughed together, too. It was an obvious racist remark that all Asians look alike.

The controversy grew beyond control, and Bentancur posted an apology on social media. He said, “Sonnie my brother! I apologize for what happened. That was a really bad joke. I love you so much, and I want you to know that I will never ignore or hurt you or anyone else! I love you brother,” with his head down.

토토사이트 predicted that the apology would not avoid noise. Bentancur was criticized by some fans as he posted an apology on Instagram, which disappeared 24 hours after it was posted. Currently, the apology has been posted.

It’s not just a bad joke, it’s obvious racism

Bentancur even made the mistake of writing “Sonny” as “Sony.” “Sonny” is the name of a Japanese electronics company, not Son’s nickname. Most of all, if Bentancur really reflected on himself, he should have admitted accurately that he was insensitive to racist remarks and apologized. It is not just a bad joke but an obvious racism.

Tottenham’s response was delayed. Bentancur apologized anyway, but the club’s official stance rarely came out. It was a different response from past cases. A Crystal Palace fan who spoke out racist comments to Son was banned from the stadium for three years. A Nottingham Forest fan who was involved in Son’s racist scandal in December last year was also fined and banned for three years. Chelsea fans who made racist gestures towards Son in a match against Tottenham in 2022 are banned from the stadium indefinitely.

However, Tottenham only acted after Son Heung-min’s statement on Tuesday said, “I talked to Bentancur. He admitted that he made a mistake and apologized. He didn’t mean to say anything offensive on purpose.”

Regardless of Son Heung-min’s acceptance of an apology, the English Football Association (FA) can discipline him

It has been reported that regardless of Bentancrew’s apology or Son’s acceptance of the apology, the English Football Association (FA) could impose disciplinary action against him. The Times reported on Monday that Bentancourt is likely to be disciplined by the FA for making discriminatory remarks that Son and Koreans both look alike. Media outlets explain that it does not matter whether Son accepted his apology.

Is it because the news was reported? Bentan Crew again issued an apology. This time, he sent an apology via a post, not a story function. “I had a conversation with Son about what I mentioned in the interview, and based on our deep friendship, we understood that this was just an unfortunate misunderstanding,” he said.

“Everything became clear and settled. I sincerely apologize if there were people who were offended by my remarks. What I want to say is clear, however, is that I only mentioned Son Heung-min, never mentioned anyone else. Therefore, I never intended to insult anyone directly or indirectly. I have great respect to everyone.”

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