“After breaking up with Lee Kang-in, will you move to Liverpool?” I made a shocking crazy plan! But, “Spanish giants are really caught.”

British media “Team Talk” reported on the 30th, “Liverpool wants to recruit Kylian Mbappe when Mohamed Salah leaves.”

“It’s hard to beat the competition with Real Madrid,” he said, noting that there are huge obstacles.

The Saudi Arabian league is popular as a superstar’s career ending stage. This is because the level has improved compared to before and you can earn a solid salary.

A large number of players who are still competitive on the European stage, not in their twilight years due to active temptation, are also joining the Saudi Arabian league.

Clubs in the Saudi Arabian League put their arms up to recruit superstars as if they were competing and started to build a super-luxury corps. 실시간 바카라사이트

Starting with Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema and Neymar joined the Saudi Arabian league.

The Premier League (PL) stage was also helpless against Saudi Arabia’s oil money attack. N’Golo Kante, Kalidou Koulibaly, Edouard Mendy, Roberto Firmino, Huveng Neves, Fabinho, Jordan Henderson, and Riyad Mahrez were tempted.

R-Itihad sought to recruit Salah, a former top scorer in the PL. He expressed his determination to give the best treatment possible. He expressed the mood that he could pay similar annual salaries to Ronaldo and Neymar.

Neymar reportedly receives about 220 billion won in annual salary as he leaves Paris Saint-Germain for Al Hilal.

However, Salah failed to join Altihad as Liverpool declared a no-transfer.

RT Hard is in a position not to give up. It plans to push for Salah’s recruitment again in the upcoming winter.

Salah is also known to have looked positively at RT Hard transfer, and rumors of entering the Saudi Arabian league are expected to gain momentum.

Liverpool are moving to prepare for Salah’s transfer. Mbappe has been selected as a substitute.

Liverpool is also being discussed as a potential suitor as Klopp continues to push for Mbappe.

However, Mbappe must cross the wall of Spanish giants Real.

Real Madrid has consistently sought to recruit Mbappe. The player also sought to secure interest, hoping to move to another club.

As Mbappe announced his transfer to Real, he felt the atmosphere of breaking up with PSG this summer. In the process of implementation, the relationship changed and there was an irreversible situation.

PSG withdrew from the Japan preseason tour list prepared ahead of this season after the relationship with Mbappe went awry.

Mbappe is also furious. His contract with PSG is set to expire next summer, and he is reportedly ready to sit on the bench without playing until he becomes a free agent.

PSG was tired of Mbappe’s attitude, and there was an atmosphere showing that it was ready to sell.

PSG’s contract with Mbappe expires at the end of this season, and they planned to take care of the funds rather than losing them for free.

In this way, Mbappe and PSG were feeling the atmosphere of breaking up through the summer transfer market.

However, Real’s atmosphere has changed. Rather than investing a lot of money to recruit Mbappe this summer, he was determined to take him for free next year.

Mbappe also planned to stay at PSG as the mood changed and transfer to Real next summer after fulfilling his contract.

Recently, there were reports that Real gave up recruiting Mbappe, but it still seems to be in the shopping basket.

Mbappe announced the creation of a new union by forming a partnership with Lee Kang-in at PSG, but it may not be seen until the end of this season.

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