A sudden kiss to Jung Woo Young right after winning…Hwang Sun-hong’s “Hulp Tong” defender

South Korea, led by head coach Hwang Sun-hong, beat Japan 2-1 in the men’s football final at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games at Huanglong Sports Center Stadium in Hangzhou, China, on the 8th. He started early in the first half with a loss, but turned the game around thanks to consecutive goals by Jung Woo-young (Stuttgart) and Cho Young-wook (Kim Cheon). 안전놀이터

South Korea cheered for the first time in history, winning three consecutive Asian Games men’s soccer games following the 2014 Incheon Games and the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Games.

Park Kyu-hyun is one of the major harvests discovered by Hwang Sun-hong of the tournament. Earlier, he was selected for the national soccer team at the invitation of Jurgen Klinsmann (Germany) and played two A matches in June, but failed to show impressive performance. In this tournament, led by players under the age of 24, he dominated the side by contributing to both offense and defense.

It was also up to Park Kyu-hyun to raise the team’s atmosphere, which tends to become heavy due to the burden of the gold medal. His appearance stands out first. With his short cut hair and goatee, he was particularly noticeable in our team. An official from the Korea Football Association said, “In the squad, Park Kyu-hyun was known by the nickname ‘Hulptong’, adding, “He brightened the team’s atmosphere with his wild thoughts and remarks as much as his outstanding appearance.”

Park Kyu-hyun also drew attention by approaching striker Jung Woo-young and giving a surprise kiss while reciprocating to cheering fans around the ground right after the final match against Japan. It was read as a thank you for Jung Woo-young’s performance, who became the top scorer with eight goals in this tournament and served as the advance guard of Hwang Sun-hong’s gold medal.

Park Kyu-hyun joined Werder Bremen in Germany in 2019 after graduating from Ulsan Hyundai High School, a youth team under Ulsan Hyundai. With the consideration of Bremen, who wants to gain enough experience in practice, he is currently on loan to Dynamo Dresden in the German third division and plays as a main player.

Attention is also being paid to whether Park Kyu-hyun, who proved his competitiveness on the Asian Games stage, will return to the A national team stage. Coach Klinsmann previously announced the list of players to participate in the A match evaluation match this month, excluding Park Kyu-hyun. The extent to which Park Kyu-hyun’s performance in the tournament will contribute to the re-appointment of the Clinsman has emerged as a new concern for the national soccer team.

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