2nd Holland ‘Price of 71.7 Billion’…Manchester United-Chelsea recruitment race

British media ’90min’ reported on the 25th (Korea Standard Time) that Manchester United and Chelsea are increasingly interested in Benjamin Sesco (20, Leipzig) ahead of the transfer window in January next year. Sesco is currently considered one of the best strikers. His overwhelming physique of 194 centimeters and athletic ability to use both feet are considered his biggest advantage.

This is evidenced by his scoring capacity. Last season, he scored 18 goals in 41 matches for Salzburg, earning him the second Hollander. He even joined Leipzig. Despite fierce competition in July, Leipzig successfully secured a transfer fee of 24 million euros (34.4 billion won).

The rise did not extend to Leipzig. Sesco is having difficulty in competing with Royce Offenda to become a regular player this season. He started only three games in the league. His future at Leipzig has become uncertain. According to the latest report, Leipzig is considering selling Sesco for 50 million euros and investing in new players. 메이저사이트

There is a good chance that his transfer will take place. “Cesco is agonizing over his future. He may seek a transfer to secure more playing time,” 90 min said. Manchester United and Chelsea are mentioned as potential candidates for the next destination. Manchester United and Chelsea are seeking to reinforce their commitment to the front line. They are ready to immediately start recruiting Sesco in January next year.

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